Software, Networking, Computer and Peripherals

Our #1 Product
The Fuel Manager

An accounts receivable/inventory and general accounting system designed for the Fueloil and LP gas market, that provides many important benefits for your business:

1. Improved cash flow
2. Accurate Month-to-date and year-to-date information on sales, collections and inventories.
3. Better control over cash, receivables, and inventory.
4. Better control over profit margins with reports on: Gross profits by customers Gross profits by product types Gross profits by inventory items
5. Reduce record keeping time by up to 65%
6. Produce delivery reports and track tank inventories.
7. Perpetual customer history .(only limited by disk space)
8. Handheld computer devices to automate and speed up delivery processing


- Accounts Receivable
- Payroll
- General Ledger
- Accounts Payable
- Inventory
- Labels
- Repetative Billing
- Order Entry
- Invoicing
- Vehicle/Equipment Maintenance
- CCS Billing/POS Consignment

- Fuel Manager>- Cstore Manager
-- MRP Shop
-- POS/Accounting
- Estimating
- Printing/Forms Control
- Automated Time Clock/Payroll
- Property Image Database
- Revaluation Software
- Scanning Software
- Word Processing

IP Security Cameras
Ideal for monitoring buildings, offices, daycare, schools, homes, etc. -anywhere with a network connection. Record and replay captured video with special software that can monitor many cameras at once and store over 30 days of video.