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About Us

Custom Computer Software started in the early 80's when the IBM PC first came into existence, as a part time business. Programs like lotus and wordstar were written to run on floppy disks at that time, and the users thought they had something out of this world. Today we have upwards of 80 GB hard drives and Pentium processors that literally run high speed circles around computers of the early days.

Since 1993, Custom Computer Software has been a full time business dedicated to solve businesses needs with PC computers, Networking, and Software, that does what YOU the Customer want it to do.

We specialize in writing Custom Software to satisfy your Accounting and other business needs. Some of our existing software can be modified to meet your needs or we can write you a custom program from scratch.

We use the most quality Hardware from highly recognized manufacturers in the computer industry (Ex: Microsoft, Intel, Western Digital, HP, Okidata, etc).

We use Software from the largest and most popular software companies to write and support our customers (Ex: Microsoft, Alaska-software, etc).

Custom Computer Software provides networking design and implementation showing businesses how sharing computer peripherals and data can help them become more efficient.